Killer's Kiss Do It Again 7" (Perpetrator)
Killer's Kiss Abused 7" (Rehab)
I believe that these are Killer's Kiss release No. 3 & 4. Of No. 1 & 2, the first 7" I didn't like. The first full length I half liked (the first half of the album was good, the second half kinda flaccid). No. 3 & 4 get solid B's. These 7"s have a bite that the other stuff didn't, perhaps because they were recorded by Monoshock's Scott Derr, perhaps because the band had hit their stride, probably both. I also hear a BIG Aussie '85 vibe rattling through my speakers, so it is not surprising that they KK do a hell of a job with Beast of Bourbon's Hard for You (with some great fucked up sounding bass guitar). That said, what you get with record one is a above average B side and an okay A. Record two claims a killer A side and a just-okay B side. Perhaps the answer is gluing these pups together, ditching the sleeve to Do It Again (fucking horrible), and calling this a great rock 'n roll single. -SS

(Scott Soriano, The Zap Gun, October 2006)